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Marek Konwa


Date of Birth: March 11, 1990 years

Pseudo: MARO

Height: 176 cm

Weight: 64-66kg (depending on the preparatory period)

Group: 64sto LESZNO MTB Team

Favourite track: With a lot of technical elements, such as roots, rocks, or artificially made jumps, drops, eg. Nove Mesto

Favorite weather events: Rain and mud where others are lost and I'm going to the front

Favorite movie: "Fast and Furious"

Music: Mostly some Hits on the radio or TV Eska

I like: Cook at home in the kitchen and do something with bicycles, drive my Subaru, which is waiting in the garage, and of glorious for working with the aquarium ...

Favorite food: salad of my artwork with Parmesan Grana Padano and brewer's yeast,

chicken breast and chips We, my pizza Kasi, pasta with pesto and parmesan cheese, cake Bounty or delicacies and jelly on top :)) Objective: Olympic medal and rainbow jersey ! Bicycles: Trek Superfly SL and FS

My advantages: Bravery to the very end, the pursuit of the objective as it will depict, most of the things I have planned

An example to follow: Someone who knows more than me, because I like to learn from the ones who are better.


Hey! My name is Marek. I was born on March 11, 1990, and I got on the bike with a few years. I do not know if even then I knew that riding I wanted to deal professionally, but I remember very well the whole learning process.


Professional cycling train since March 2003, and it all began on an amateur cycling race in Swidnica. For this to be at the start persuaded me my dad. I took the second place, starting with the players, who have had several years of training and rode at a hell of a better bikes. No wonder then that "hooked". In addition, after the race he came to me Jerzy Wojtkowiak and Marcin Tulula who offered me coaching at the club route Zielona Góra, and then everything went in one direction.


My  first major race SkodaAuto MTB GP, then already with licensed, I passed in Polanica Zdroj, where I took 33rd place in the youth category. From  training to training I was getting better, and in subsequent starts I dealt a higher place, which is very mobilized me to continue to work hard. That is - in a nutshell - I started my big adventure with cycling. So far, her crowning glory was the nomination for Polish staff, and above all to the Olympic team and the start of the Olympic Games in London.


My motto "To the best is still ahead of me," motivates me every day to work hard and to realize that the biggest sporting goals. Olympic medal and rainbow shirt of world champion this is what I am looking for.




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