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How to use?


Does every tire can be sealed?

Manages to seal a number of tire theoretically not adapted to that, but the best result can be achieved by selecting tires compatible with Tubeless Ready or marked UST.


What should characterize the rim to be able to use the system Tubeless Ready?

To seal suitable alloy system and UST Tubeless Ready to be taped by special tape. You can try to caulk the usual hoops but there is no 100% guarantee of success. Preferably use a wider rims but with a low profile, equipped with a special "snap" rant example. FRM Evo, ZTR Crest, WTB i19, i23.


What to do if the tire as when the rim is not possible to inflate and remain in the channel in the middle of the rim?

Coat the wound with soapy water or washing up liquid, which will reduce friction and facilitate pressed apart tires.


How often should pour sealant?

If inflate often lets the air, and there is no sign of breakthrough is that the sealant is dry and does not have the seal leaks. Once a season worth all set to dismantle and remove the dry debris.


How best to apply a sealant?

Valves for tubeless system has a removable cartridge, after removal of which does not set the unsealing, with syringe can complete the seal.

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